To My Ideal Client After the Birth of Her New Baby

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Dear Mama with her new baby,

Congratulations on your birth! Now you are home with your new baby. The midwives have left, there are no more nurses bustling in and out of your hospital room. You are facing your first night with your new baby. You are feeling unprepared to care for this new life.

I know, because I’ve been there. When my first baby was born – and to a lesser extent with the later two – I felt the same way. But you know what?

new baby

You have everything you need for that sweet baby within you and your partner. But you may be feeling overwhelmed, tired, your nipples are raw and you feel like someone drove a truck through the lower part of your torso.

new baby

When you’re too overwhelmed to get yourself something to eat, I can prep some healthy snacks and meals that will sustain your recovering body.

When that new bundle of joy won’t sleep, I can take over pacing/bouncing duty so you can get some rest.

And when you feel like nursing isn’t going as well as you’d hoped, I’m here to help, commiserate, and refer you to an expert if needed.

It’s my job to help you feel like the confident, secure mama bear we all have inside us.

When you work with me, you not only have access to my 11 years of experience as a mama (over 4000 days!), but also all of the research I’ve done (and have yet to do) and my network of mamas, doulas, and midwives. We’re here to bring you into the fold, the community of women lucky enough to call themselves Mom.

I can’t wait to bring you in.

new baby

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