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Now offering Informed Home Birth classes!

I believe education is key to transforming our birth culture from one of anxiety and fear to one of pleasure and anticipation. My childbirth classes will prepare you for instinctive, physiologic birth by teaching you how your body works in labor, how the hormones work together to create a truly ecstatic experience, and the BEST tools to move through your labor with confidence and ease.

My goal with these classes is to prepare you to feel calm, confident, and connected to your birth team as you move through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Each class in the 4-week series is designed to foster…


You’ll learn how your body is perfectly designed to birth without intervention, and learn to trust your body, your baby, and your partner.


Knowledge is power. I provide evidence-based information and timeless knowledge to help you design and advocate for the birth of your dreams.


We were not meant to suffer through birth. When you relax and trust in your body, you can access the JOY and PLEASURE that is our birthright.

Choose Your Pleasure:

I offer two options for childbirth classes...choose the one that calls to you, or both!

Informed Home Birth classes are designed for those that want the nitty gritty knowledge around labor, birth, and postpartum. We will cover the physiology of labor, pregnancy  fitness, coping techniques, preparation for home birth (including supplies & what to do if the baby arrives before your midwife!), and postpartum care.

Ecstatic Birth classes and/or circles are coming soon, and are for those wanting a deeper body connection and flow within their birth experience. Learn how to prepare your mind and body for an ecstatic experience, use pleasure as the most holistic birthing tool, and dance with the unexpected in your birth.

Want to learn more about Ecstatic Birth? Check out my Birth, Baby! podcast episode!

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"It really helps your birth partner and makes them a lot more confident to support you. It really is a worthwhile investment into having the best experience possible."

Austin, TX

"Meagan gave me the knowledge and confidence to look forward to birth with joy. I have a whole new perspective on the natural abilities of my mind and my body."

Austin, TX

ecstatic birth

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."

-Marie Mongan