Baby led weaning basics

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and if you have a young baby at home, you may be wishing they could take part in your Thanksgiving feast! Looking back, this was always the day of the year my kids leaped ahead in their eating competence. There really is something to watching the adults in…

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birth plans how to get the birth you want

I’ll be the first to admit, this title is a little misleading/click-bait-ey. No one – not me, not your partner, not your OB/midwife, not your doula – can guarantee that you’ll have your “ideal birth.” I heard from a wonderful childbirth education teacher that you can control a lot of things about your birth, including:…

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what a postpartum doula does

Can I tell you a secret? While I’m so excited to support parents through pregnancy, labor, and birth, postpartum doula support is my passion. Pregnancy and birth can be exciting and glamorous, but once the baby is born, a lot of the attention tends to either go to the baby or disappear entirely. Many of…

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To My Ideal Client After the Birth of Her New Baby

new mom tips

Dear Mama with her new baby, Congratulations on your birth! Now you are home with your new baby. The midwives have left, there are no more nurses bustling in and out of your hospital room. You are facing your first night with your new baby. You are feeling unprepared to care for this new life.…

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Cycle Tracking 101

menstrual cycle tracking tools

I hope after learning all of the amazing ways your body communicates with you through your cycle, that you’re ready to get started tracking ASAP! The good news is, it really doesn’t need to be that complicated, and the types and precision of the data you track can and probably will vary throughout your life.…

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Your Menstrual Cycle 101

I don’t know about you, but the more I learn about women’s bodies, the more fascinated I become. I think it’s a large part of what drives me toward birth work and coaching women to be their strongest, most badass selves. When I was younger, I used to think being a woman was a curse.…

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Eating Well on a Budget

A client asked me the other week for ways to save money while still eating well. This is something that often stops people from even getting started down the path to healthy eating. Bread, pasta, rice, and beans are cheap sources of calories, but making them staples of our diet can be hard on our…

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Our Favorite Grain-Free, Primal Cookbooks

The hardest part of changing the way you eat can be the loss of familiar foods. When we gave up gluten and grains in 2013, I didn’t know how to make a meal a meal without a side of bread, pasta, or tortillas. Don’t worry, help is on the way! Below is a list of…

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My Experience with Burnout

If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the last few months, you may know that I’ve been struggling with burnout, resulting in low adrenal and thyroid function. It came on slowly, though it felt like a surprise since I’d been pushing through my feelings of tiredness and other symptoms I thought were “normal” for…

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How to Care for Yourself With Young Kids

Having your first (or second, or fourth) child is an amazing experience in any parent’s life, but I think we can all agree that babies demand a LOT of our attention. Our first boy needed to be held almost constantly when he was born, and that need for attention hasn’t abated much in the last…

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